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Connected Devices: Web interface for Hue

Last week in class we discussed about the Phillips hue and discussed the interactivity of physical devices, also a discussion on security in connected devices. One thing I remember in particular is the importance of using compiler based language vs interpreter based language.

This week’s assignment was building a web interface for a device. For the building the interface I referred the hue developer getting started guide. I got my secure access key and started testing the API with different commands. When I played with it I formed a mental model where there are two major steps. First GET the information about the current state of the light which gives a response about the current state. This gives a response data which can be utilised in a call-back function to PUT things and change the state.

I wanted to create an interface which was designed for mobile first as in a practical situation no-one was going to walk in a dark room open their laptop and then turn the light on. But with the limited time frame I had to resort to using p5js due to familiarity.
My final interface looks like this:

Screenshot 2019-02-12 00.55.03.png

Working video of with the hue: