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Timeline to build: 2 days

Last week was about understanding how a single view controller worked(single page application) This week we dived into more advanced topics:

  • Understanding table view controller

  • Building apps with multiple viewcontrollers(multiple screens)

  • Data transfer across screens

  • Gesture recognition

This weeks assignment was left open to building something we had learned in class.


As I grad student there is always something to do all the time. So I decided to build a personal note taking application.


I organised all of my tasks in a logical order using mind node with. This helped me in referencing to different

I added the table viewContoller using the storyboard creation tools.

I added the Textlabel, Button and TextField programatically and constrained them using auto layout.

Virtual test of the application using Xcode simulator:

Screen recording of the App:

The swipe gesture in play:

Code and Resources:

Code can be found here

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