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Connected Devices: Creating a Server

In the first week in class we explored how devices work and the different layers of how they interact with each other. Last semester was about different ways of how information could be displayed on a webpage using JavaScript. The idea this time is to expand JavaScript from front end display to have it interact with the backend using nodejs.

For this weeks assignment of building a simple web server I wanted to explore an use-case which could be relevant to me. I will be soon starting floor staff position. I have seen previous shop employees send out an email when the shop/ER is closing. So I decided to explore an state change API to update the floor status.

Along the way I even explored some other functionalities such as user inputs for multiplication and random number generator to roll a dice.

My final client interface looks like this:

Screenshot 2019-02-04 22.28.58.png

There were some initial in debugging the callback functions with sending and ending the responses to the requests made by the user.

For this assignment I referred to:


Code for this server can be found here.