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Dice Roll App iOS

Timeline to build: 1 day

In the introductory week of the Mobile lab class we were introduced to Xcode an IDE where one can create & test applications for the Apple platform.

For the first week the assignment was to create a one action(tap) application. I play boardgames from time to time. Which means there is a lot of use of dice and rolling them. I wanted to create a simple dice roll application.

I created initial designs in sketch and made different states of the dice going from one to six.

I got xcode running with the sample code from class. When I tried to add the images I saw that the images were being displayed in full screen to accomodate the size of the screen. I wanted them to be centered on the screen with the text label appearing under it. I tried playing around with the UIImageviewer but couldn’t make it work. Also, I tried to add the image as assets but couldn’t figure out who to link them to the image array.

The simple solution would have been to export the dice images with their coloured backgrounds. But it wouldn’t have been a scalable solution as it wouldn’t have resized properly to an ipad screen due to different aspect ratios.

I could only get as far as where we practised in class for this week.

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