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Mobile lab: Web game controller

This week was about learning 2 major items.

1. Git version control:

  • How to maintain log of changes and commits.

  • Using branches to experiment with code

  • Properly setting up repos and documenting them for others to interpret.

2. Cocoapods & building and interface for a game control:

  • Use “Starscream” a websocket cocoapod to connect to the webgame.

  • Design and build an interface to play the web game.


I own an android phone in my daily life and I have been testing my applications on a iPad. For this week I looked as my larger sized device as an advantage as it gives me a opportunity to embed the webinterface inside the iPad. I used the webkit to achieve that.


My first idea was to have the entire screen as an webpage & use CoreMotion gyroscope to map the direction. It seemed like a good idea but when I tested it out I realised 2 things.

I lost sight of my screen when I flipped it to go up.

I didn’t have granular control on my movements due to the size of the iPad.

So, I shifted in making my interface be a mix of Gesture recognition & webpage.

My final functioning app prototype: